Simply send us an email with the (front and back) of each order. Please do not set up your job with crop marks on a large size sheet. All files must be sent exact size except trifold brochures and BUSINESS CARDS which require bleed.

Due to our gang run printing process of flyers the EXACT COLOR and FLYER CUTS cannot be guaranteed.

Please note all JOBS printed at PG Express will be cut. 125 inch smaller than actual size due to our gang run printing. If you are submitting a file that must be the exact size after cutting, the file will require an extra bleed which will result in an EXTRA FEE. The customer must specify on the email and must let the PG Express representative know.

Send all files to:

Accepted Formats:
  • JPG,PDF,TIF,PNG,EPS (All Flat Filters, no fonts)
  • 300 DPI minimum resolution
  • CMYK Color
Include Your Name, TELEPHONE NUMBER, and description of each order on the email. A Representative will call you within the hour. If you have not received a call within the hour, we ask to please follow up to make sure we have received your email.

Accepted Payments:
  • Credit Card: (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • Money Order: Money order must physically be at our office to begin your order.
  • Cash: Case must physically be at our office to begin your order.
  • Certified Check or Wire: Please call and speak to manager first.
We ask you to please read all documents on this page carefully. prints gang run jobs unless otherwise stated. Color Critical jobs must be submitted clearly noted as Color Critical, and must be accompanied by a request for Color Proof or MatchPrint. Color Proofs are not included in our base cost schedule and will incur an additional charge. Printing prices for a dedicated press run will also vary from those advertised on this website. Please take special care to clearly indicate a job as Color Critical so that special attention can be given to that job. PGE will not be liable for color variations which are common when printing gang runs unless a JOB is clearly identified as Color Criticial from the onset.

I UNDERSTAND THAT SLIGHT COLOR VARIATIONS WILL OCCUR. I understand that if my job is color critical, I must purchase a Matchprint© or other color proof to guarantee precise color and that the use of a Matchprint© will delay my job a minimum of 72 hours. I have read the job specs and prepared my file according to the guidelines specified.